Monday, October 6, 2014

New Beginnings

I have been absolutely slacking in posting (what's new right?)  So, what's new in the almost year its been since I posted last?  Well, let me tell you. I am an official graduate student in geosciences at Colorado State University!!  Woot! I am working with the AIRIE program using Re/Os geochronology to date/characterize marine shales. I don't have my specific project yet, but I should soon.  I am also a GTA for Mineralogy (three lab sections) which is taking up a good amount of time, but I love it.  Just thought I'd check in!

Hopefully another post this weekend with some updates from last summer!

I leave you with a geology pun I sent to my class the other day.
-Why did the hiker turn around and run so abruptly?
-Because of the barite there on the trail.